Misguided Genius


James G Brennan
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2 min readSep 13, 2023


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Historical ideas sold as genius in minds focused
on selfish greed, lauded by themselves and those
they surround themselves, spout thinly veiled lies.
Greed plays the leading role to immoral thought,
finding history favours them not as genius,
but as immoral deceivers writing legacies in blood.

Collateral damage to narcissistic egos.

Inconvenient emotion pushed aside, convincing followers
this way benefits their wants and needs for a comfortable life.

We only take from those who want to take from you.

Cementing ideas for patriots to suckle father’s teat,
milk was never there, empty promises that don’t hold water
leave masses eternally thirsty on deceitful hypocrisy.

No clear line’s drawn between politicians, emperors,
or religious leaders, donning the same oppressive dictator’s gown;
the West embroiled in corporate wars around the globe.

Politicians feed corporate greed, corporate greed feeds politicians,
burning swathes of forests, dragnetting ocean floors,
robbing the planet of natural carbon dioxide consumption,
choking those forced into hideous living standards
forbidden to consume ill-gotten gains so enjoyed by the West,
sanctioned by the masses.

After all, they would do the same given half the chance.

Where’s the genius in this?

It’s now up to us to stand on the right side of history, not leave it to the pleas of children; for the final time…

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James G Brennan
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