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Literary Impulse’s Uncommon Fiction Forms Challenge

Mother’s Night Caller

A 50-word mini-saga

An old man in a grey suit, navy open-necked shirt, and black bowler hat standing in a darkened room in front of a backlit window with a venetian blind.
Assembled by writer in PowerPoint using: foreground image by anaterate from Pixabay — background image by Life-Of-Pix from Pixabay

Mother said he appeared at 2:30am. An elderly gent, immaculately dressed. She lay motionless in bed, buzzer within hand’s reach. His mouth moved as if to speak. Her hearing aids blinked in their recharging dock.




A space for LITERARY FICTION, POETRY, PHILOSOPHY, POLITICS AND DIALOGUE with a mission of ‘social change through creative endeavours’.

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Carolyn Hastings

Carolyn Hastings

Well-practiced speech pathologist now practicing to be a children’s book writer — emphasis on practicing.

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