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The Soul of Solace

All the scarred hearts are indeed blessed

Image by Marcus in Unsplash

Their sacred prayers
Elicit illumination
It gives birth to a healing spark
Igniting soulful passion

Thus a supreme luminous horizon
Opens up its heart
And all those scarred souls on earth
Find solace
From the peaceful fragrances
Of eternal divinity

A note from the author-

‘’Indeed, with hardship [will be] ease.’’

- Al Quran [94:6]

This verse is from Muslims’ holy book Al- Quran. I think my above piece has so much to do with this one verse. Several years after all the trauma, insecurities have always tried to grasp my senses. But then every time, I have come across this one verse which has reminded me that the scarred, the distressed beings on earth, are the blessed ones. The most powerful existence transforms their griefs into ease.

I hope we can witness a peaceful world again before our time on earth comes to an end.

-To peace



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Setraj Jahan

Setraj Jahan

From childhood to this age, writing has always engaged my heart with the soul. Now it’s my profession and my lovely little pursuit of deep satisfaction. :)