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What’s in a name?

Photo by Pauline Loroy on Unsplash

I cannot put a name
to the result of a sacred act
that does not belong to me —
this attempt, weakly describing
the pure essence of art,
in a word or two.

You see, the art is in the making,
in the experience,
and it is risky at best
to try to sum up all that goes into
what we call art,
with what is just
a sound in your head,
so I have you read, “Untitled,”
meaning. . .
you decide.

Thank you for joining me here. I have always enjoyed going to museums and art galleries, and inevitably there is always a child, with a bemused look, squinting at the title card of a painting or sculpture and saying,“Untitled? What does that mean?” So this is my reasoning to any of those children (or adults) who find themselves asking this question.

In response to the day 13 poetry prompt “untitled” from Literary Impulse (Shabd Aaweg) during National Poetry Month.



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Tanya Buchko Green

Tanya Buchko Green

musician, myofascial therapist, on my next adventure, writing to evolve, explore, unpack, connect & admire the mystery