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Woodneath Press Publishes Community History Project

Today, Woodneath Press — an award-winning book press founded by Mid-Continent Public Library in Kansas City, Missouri — has published their most recent book, a local history anthology titled The Will of Missouri: The Life, Times, and Influence of Alexander William Doniphan. The book contains works about Alexander Doniphan, an attorney who had a large impact on Missouri.

Why Alexander Doniphan?

Doniphan accomplished much in his life including defending a religious minority when they face state-sanctioned extermination, establishing public schools in Clay County, and developing the foundation of law in what became New Mexico. But for all he did, Doniphan is not a household name in Missouri. Mid-Continent Public Library sought to fix that by inviting writers of all ages to research Doniphan and write about his life and legacy. The top ten pieces of writing were chosen to be published in the printed anthology.

Community Partnerships

The Will of Missouri is a perfect example of how a library can partner with other cultural organizations in their community to publish books. The book was created in conjunction with The State Historical Society of Missouri, The University of Missouri Extension Community Arts Program, and a foundation called the Alexander Doniphan Committee. The book was released to coincide with the state of Missouri’s Bicentennial. A virtual book launch with the book’s editors will take place at 6:30pm CST on Facebook.

Additional Books From Woodneath

Woodneath Press was founded in 2017 and is part of Mid-Continent Public Library’s initiative to support aspiring writers called The Story Center. Woodneath Press has published nine books and has three more scheduled for publication in 2021:

  • Curating Home (nonfiction, Kansas City-area based poetry anthology)
  • Community Voices Vol. II (anthology featuring graduates of the Storytelling Certificate program offered by the library in conjunction with Metropolitan Community College)

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