Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Embracing this Mindset will Allow You to Regain Control of Your Life

Don’t cry over spilled milk.

That is the mantra I repeat to myself daily.

When I wake up, and throughout the course of the day, inadvertently screw something up; “don’t cry over spilled milk.” Because that’s life. You’re going to screw something up. That bad thing is going to happen.

When it happens, don't waste your time and sanity crying over it; fix it.

When that glass of milk spills all over your countertop, will you stand there idly, letting it drip all over your carpet, while you soil yourself? No. You clean it up. You fix it.

"What is the solution?" You ask yourself. "What steps do I take to clean this mess up?" Standing there, crying over the mess doesn’t help you; dwelling on something that has already happened and you couldn’t prevent won’t help you.

Building a solution instead of crying idly is a choice, not something that can't be done. Once you are adept at leaving the past where it belongs, you will learn to prevent bad things from happening and regaining some semblance of control over your life.

The Limbo

I call this the ‘Limbo’. It is a twilight period in time that allows you to see future events suspended in midair, waiting for you to examine them. You will see the cup tipping and know that at any moment that cup is going to fall and spill milk all over your carpet. Are you going to let that spilled milk soak into the bright threads that are your future?

Not crying over past events isn’t your cure-all. This isn’t the medicine that will cleanse your future of all mistakes. Mistakes that you cannot foresee will aways appear when you least expect them. Do not fret for the things you cannot see. Focus on the things that are in your grasp.

When it happens, it happens.

And you have the solution to deal with it when it does.

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