Take This Pen

take this pen
and jam it in someone’s eye
like you’ve always wanted to
it may not actually be mightier than the sword
but it’s dull, so it’ll hurt more (you idiot!)
and eyeball kebabs are back on the menu

we are all aggrieved masses
and we need to fight this one out
all of us have been dying a long time
and only purification through fire and fury
will save us from this stupor

take this pen
for it no longer becomes me
words long exhausted through sarcastic-elastic overuse
stretched and overlaundered, they simply fall
to my ankles
time to kick ’em off and get busy

why not just drop the Queensbury boxers
strip naked and fight to the bloody end
rule-free like our ancestors did when we
first swung down from the trees
and waded through the blood of their nemeses

— up to our skinless knees

take this pen
and shove it up your animus
coax it back and forth, stimulate your anger
ride it to climax — and FUCK the facts, curse the written word
all hell’s about to break loose and i’ve got scores to settle
scattershot scorched earth cumshot-style

there’s so much yet to be destroyed
and we’ve barely begun
so much untold chaos to be told and retold
before someone else tolls these bells
and the shit of god falls upon us once again

take this pen … just take it
i’ll see you somewhere east of the coming carnival of chaos
where once again poetry will sooth our scalded souls

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