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Literature Lust Love Letter #1

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I know you’re busy. I bet you get dozens of newsletters, daily deals, and “essential” information every day. So I’ll keep this brief. Every Saturday morning, I’ll send ONE newsletter with three links: One article for people who love books and reading. One for writers. And one for “thinkers” — insights on innovation, creativity, historical events, marketing stories, and observations of human nature.

For my kick-off newsletter, I’m sharing some of my most popular pieces.

Read one, two, or all three.

PLEASE know that I truly appreciate you following me or Literature Lust. Every writer needs readers, and I need YOU.

Happy reading.





For readers, writers, and thinkers with an insatiable desire for the written word

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Melissa Gouty

Melissa Gouty

Writer, teacher, speaker, and observer of human nature. Content for HVAC & Plumbing Businesses. Author of The Magic of Ordinary. LiteratureLust and GardenGlory.

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