Literature, Music, Invention and Creativity: Where They Come From

Writing something for someone else to read is a daunting task, a feeling which in this case brings to mind this puzzling phrase “There is only one way out of the bubble — an ontological riddle with a terpsichorean twist to level a farraginous playing field”.

The writer faced with the challenge of searching for the best words and a way to convey a topic forces everything following the first sentence into question.

The topic prompts discussion whether related to the comfort zone or working on one’s next creation of literature, music or invention where there is a feeling of being isolated from the world, hence the bubble.

Getting the work to be meaningful and to resonate requires making necessary adjustments to ride the waves of change. It takes courage, insight and a good reason to do so and by putting forth a riddle to solve sharpens the focus.

No matter what the interpretation, it is all about being realistic in a world where everyone dances to a different tune in an unpredictable environment of changing conditions.

As a game we play everyday, up for it or not, beginning with a perfectly outlined plan the outcome is the only relevant factor.

It Starts With The Idea

Whether driven by an inspiration, an aspiration or a visionary list of endeavors and possibilities all perspectives begin with an idea often kept private and occasionally discussed at length.

It is as Descartes proclaimed “I think therefore I am” and by now it seems like the statement should be second nature to everyone, compelling us to function as a macrocosm of sublime effectiveness, but generally finding solutions is a specialized field.

Hatch an idea. Own it. Work with it and believe in it.

It all depends on how, but the method has yet to be distilled into a standard approach, so the degree of achievement trying to implement it can only be advanced by the amount of effort and creativity behind it often turning the game easily into a round of whack-a-mole, applying one idea after another.

Pick a note, any note then add more to it with some rhythm to make music, engineer a total new method of transportation or just find an effective way to live to a ripe old age. They all start with an idea and the need to determine the right approach for everything to work.

There Is No Way Around The Variable

A decision’s outcome directly related to ideas gives heightened credibility to the somewhat ridiculous sounding sentence about a bubble as a sophisticated conundrum (referred to earlier).

Unpredictable factors increase the challenge of living well and no matter how advanced technology is the human brain has a responsibility to establish a steady balance between artificial intelligence and creative intelligence preserving its psyche and protecting it from atrophy.

It is not just a matter of opinion.

According to Ray Parker, a senior marketing consultant at Kualitatem (an independent software testing and information systems auditing company) “AI cannot bring inventions. AI can follow rules; it cannot create from scratch like humans. Humans can invent scientific tools, compose songs, and mathematical theorems. AI cannot think out of the box like humans.”

Enter the ontological riddle with a terpsichorean twist and all of its parts, counterparts and myriad of relationships. No one taking it for granted can ever comprehend the influence of its dynamic manifestation and it makes an ideal setting for a story.

It is a tale about the origin of a new intellectual invention emerging with no credible explanation to support it.

However, proof of its existence is embodied in a special catalog of music which is undeniably genuine.

The Audacity Of The Variable Is Personified

Defining this as a fairy tale would be inaccurate since magic plays no part in the chiefly abstract portrayal of the way a creative personality is shaped and there are no sinister connotations of a life in peril calling for super-heroic intervention.

It is guaranteed however, that nobody is prepared for this literary experience regardless of the extent of their bibliophilia because so much more than just a book is involved. It is a story stretching out into the internet in a manner never seen before using the medium newsletters to expand on the idea that a variable although unscientific can still transform an existing state of affairs realistically.

Even a predicament as simple as love needing fulfillment is within the parameters of this invention.

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How an abstract problem with one character to figure out invents a new love to overcome the vagaries of life.

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L. R. Lane

Putting the vagaries of daily experience into a fictional context L.R. Lane draws from his original music (The TW Suite).

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