Hey guys, we (group of 5 people!) just started development on a new project called (domain coming soon! In the meantime, check out It’s an interactive rap cypher arena online. You get put into a video chat with 6 other people from anywhere in the world and you can play beats/backing tracks to everyone in the room. Join with your friends or meet random rappers.

Hangout. Rap. Listen to music together.

We’ve been working on this project for only a week so far, so there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t done! We want to build text chat, audio control for the beat that’s being played (so you can pause and play the current beat), and multiple rooms. We also are working on a complete beat synchronization solution as well as improved audio and video quality. There’s a known issue that sometimes the beat doesn’t get through to everyone. In the case that you’re not hearing the beat, refresh the page.

We’d love any feedback on this project. How’s the quality? How’s the experience? Any other things use cases other than rap that you guys want to use this tech for?

Rock on!

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