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Introducing Lithium Finance New Roadmap

Lithium Finance New Roadmap

It has been an exciting and challenging journey building Lithium’s 1st party asset pricing data oracle. With the recent team restructuring, we have updated Lithium’s roadmap, which outlines key priorities for 2022 and beyond. This roadmap will serve as both an internal and external guide as we continue to build a robust pricing oracle for private and illiquid assets.

The addition of Lithium’s new CTO Ryan Au and his team substantially complemented our existing set-up. Given this development, the Lithium team estimates that the public testnet will be available in Q2 this year. Since transparency is a key priority, the team will provide regular product updates in due course. Users can also subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest news about us at our official website

We also wish to remind the community that rewards claiming from our pre-staking initiative will begin at the start of Q2. After that, we anticipate launching a Beta mainnet in Q3, and our Mainnet will be live in Q4 2022. For details on the pre-staking rewards, please read here.

Lithium Finance Roadmap (2022–2023)

Closing Thoughts

The year 2022 is about delivering the product and onboarding our early platform adopters. That’s what CEO Kelvin Lam has been stressing in our previous events. To reach this goal, the team has been working on laying the foundation for building Lithium’s oracle in the most effective way to price private assets and make sure the infrastructure will facilitate future growth. Today’s roadmap is just a small milestone in our long journey, and the team will make sure that what we are doing today will help us turn our vision into a reality.

About Lithium Finance

Lithium Finance is the first collective-intelligence pricing oracle that provides precise and timely pricing information on private and illiquid assets. Our protocol leverages crowd wisdom and proprietary mechanisms to provide pricing on private and illiquid assets.

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