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Lithium Finance Adds OKEx Blockdream Ventures as Wisdom Node to Price Early-Stage Layer-2 Blockchain Projects

  • OKEx Blockdream Ventures will be a valuable member of a list of high-level investment firms to price private and illiquid assets.
  • Lithium’s Wisdom Seekers can take advantage of Blockdream Ventures’ wealth of experience of investing in early-stage crypto startups to get accurate pricing data.
  • With a focus on layer-2 protocols, the addition of Blockdream Ventures will widen the spectrum of Wisdom Node and will result in a more broad consensus.

Lithium Finance is proud to announce the partnership with OKEx Blockdream Ventures, the venture investment arm of the top-tier digital asset exchange OKEx. Blockdream Ventures will be one of the Wisdom Nodes in the Lithium ecosystem. They will be able to provide pricing information on early-stage blockchain startups with a focus on layer-2 projects.

Wisdom Nodes and Wisdom Seekers are the two main stakeholders in the Lithium ecosystem. Wisdom Seekers submit questions about pricing on specific private assets, while Wisdom Nodes like Blockdream Ventures will provide the needed information and be rewarded with LITH tokens if accurate answers are delivered on time.

Layer-2 infrastructure has been an essential part of the Blockdream Ventures investment focus. With their expertise in picking solutions that can solve the scaling issue, the addition of the venture arm of the top exchange makes the composition of Lithium’s Wisdom Nodes landscape more diversified, benefiting all Wisdoms Seekers and the protocol.

David Lighton, Co-founder of Lithium Finance said,

“A diversified Wisdom Node landscape is strategically important for Lithium’s long-term growth. We are glad that OKEx Blockdream Ventures can share their knowledge with Wisdom Seekers and help us to push the boundary further.”

Jack Ning, Investment Manager of OKEx Blockdream Ventures added that

“If we need to have sustainable development in DeFi, the space needs more new investments. If we need to attract more new investments into DeFi, we need infrastructure like Lithium. We are glad to be part of the driving force to move forward to a more sustainable DeFi development.”

About Lithium Finance

Lithium Finance is the first collective-intelligence pricing oracle to give precise and timely pricing on private, illiquid assets. It rewards analysts who provide truthful information and punish those who offer false pricing data. As a result, Lithium’s users obtain pricing for all hard-to-value assets such as pre-IPO stocks, private equity, and other illiquid assets effectively.

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OKEx Blockdream Ventures

OKEx Blockdream Ventures will invest in blockchain basic infrastructure with a focus on layer-2 solutions, Polkadot ecosystem, Defi, and Filecoin ecosystem etc. It’s mission is to explore the best blockchain projects around the world, and promote sustainable development across the entire industry. The fund wants to work and grow with passionate dreamers and founders to create value for the blockchain industry, while sharing our global resources and historical experience with the founders.

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