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Testnet Guide: Exploring Lithium

Now that you’ve connected to the Polygon Testnet and claimed the test tokens, you’re ready to enjoy the full Lithium pricing experience as a Price Expert.

Quick recap on How Lithium Works is available here for easy reference.

Here’s what you can do to make the most out of your Lithium testing experience:

Win up to USD 500 worth of LITH

  • Help us price BAYC, CryptoPunks, and many more rare NFTs
  • Share what you think these NFTs are worth for a chance to win in July
  • Follow us on Twitter for upcoming details of these campaigns
  • Look for Price Quests from our testnet for prizes

Need valuation for rare NFT(s)?

  • Get in touch, we are ready to help!
  • Learn more here

Submitting Price Estimate for an NFT

1. Login by connecting your wallet. You will approve the interaction of your wallet with the protocol. Make sure you are connected to the Polygon Testnet (refer to this setup guide).

2. Discover the pricing quests and find one you’re confident in answering.

3. Review floor price, valuation date, and other background information of the target NFT. Your price estimates represent the relative value of the target NFT in relation to the collection’s floor price.

4. Provide your price estimates in terms of a bid and a ask estimates for the NFT. (Bid Price must be smaller than Ask Price)

5. Stake your test LITH and RP tokens according to how confident you are in your pricing estimates, and submit the tokens along with your answer. (Make sure you have test MATIC to pay gas fee, refer to User Guide)

6. Submit your answer. You will be approving through your wallet the following three actions:

  • Approve transfer of LITH for staking (first time user only)
  • Sign and encrypt your answer
  • Make gas payment and submission to the blockchain

7. Pricing Quest will remain opened for submission by other users until completion. You will be notified by email on the completion date. Please come back afterwards to check the final pricing result.

8. Claim your reward! Your original LITH staked will be redeemable in full.

Congratulations — you are all set!

If you need further help with connecting the Polygon Testnet, please refer to Testnet Guide: Connecting to Testnet.

Note: Please use desktop for a full experience.



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