Bi-Weekly Update — 05/05/2019

The last couple of weeks have been really exciting for us as a community. We have seen a lot of support following our token distribution and consequent listing on our partner exchanges, Bibox and IDEX and others that chose to list us. Since then, token holders and awareness about our project has steadily increased. We are indeed grateful to everyone and really excited about the journey thus far and all the milestones ahead. Here’s a brief summary of what we’ve been up to throughout the last two weeks:

Lition partners with NESA Capital

We are proud to partner with NESA Capital, a top-ranked South African solar power plant operator with the goal of eventually deploying the first commercially live peer to peer energy trading platform in South Africa. Local regulations and legal frameworks are already ongoing to bring the collaboration to reality as soon as possible. NESA Capital owns 6.4 Megawatts of solar PV projects, with a cumulative capacity of 20 megawatt planned for the next 24–36 months. You can read more here.

Our Syndicated Loan MVP now online

The development of our syndicated land dApp in partnership with one of Germany’s largest banks, the Volks- and Raiffeisenbank has progressed well and we shared the first MVP recently. The application is built on a responsive front-end user interface which is connected to the blockchain via web3.js. The dApp allows multiple parties to manage and approve loans. Users can also store the loans in a self-developed smart contract. You can try out the dApp by following the detailed instructions here.

Deep Dive into the Lition Protocol

One of our developers, Josef Sevcik shed more light on the inner workings of the Lition Protocol. This goes further from what the explanations of the PoS protocol outlined in the Lition whitepaper to explain how the Lition protocol works and interacts with other ecosystem parties. Find out more about miner registration, sidechain registration and our pluggable sidechain consensus. We also shared more details about how mining rewards are calculated and distributed to miners. You can read more about it here.

Wechat AMA with TokenGazer

Both of our founders also hosted an AMA for the Chinese community of Tokengazer in their WeChat channel on Monday the 29th of April in Chinese and English. Richard, CEO of Lition, spent some time answering questions about the project and our plans in the coming months. A transcript of the AMA is available in case you missed it.

Upcoming Event: Longhash Cryptocon Volume 2

Lition will be speaking out its Protocol in the upcoming blockchain event to discuss some of our use cases with the community. The event is open for all blockchain enthusiasts and will be hosted in Betahaus Neukölln from May 17 to 19. Tickets are available at

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