Bi-Weekly Update — 12/06/2019

Jesse O’tega
Jun 12 · 3 min read

June has been a very eventful month with the Lition team making significant strides in expanding the ecosystem and interacting with the community even further. We realize that having a happy, strong and supportive is a key ingredient in any successful venture. This has led to even more initiatives and measures that are geared to keep our community sentiments positive and engaged at all times.

Here are some of the highlights of the past weeks as we continue our journey of building the world’s first public-private blockchain for enterprises with full deletability features and versatile sidechain capability:

We are excited to announce that we have overworked vesting schedules throughout all locked token categories in order to create a more balanced approach for token dilution in the future. In a decision supported by every investor and advisor, new terms have been applied to all lockups to reduce the release of tokens into the circulating supply. Consequently, based on the new schedule, July will see only 2M LIT tokens unlocked instead of the scheduled 21M. All the details are presented here.

In our first major customer reward campaign, the Lition Wars Campaign will see our supporters face off in the series of 10 battles with only the bravest and the fittest competing to win LIT tokens. The Epic Final Battle will see 30 winners from all the different rounds compete against each other to win an amazing all-expenses paid trip to Berlin to hang out with the entire Lition team, 50,000 LIT tokens and a monthly prize of 20,000 LIT tokens starting from December 2019. Anyone can participate by joining each battle as it is announced on Lition’s Official Telegram Channel, Announcement Channel and Twitter account.

The German Energy Congress is one of the nation’s leading Energy Events and is hosted by Southern Germany’s largest newspaper, “Süddeutsche Zeitung”. Lition is proud to be part of their 14th Congress taking place on September 10–11, 2019 in Munich. Lition will be a speaker alongside government representatives such as the Secetary of Energy and various industry leaders. Click here for more information about the event. Want to meet us? Reach out to us on Telegram or Twitter and we will be happy to discuss.

May saw the development team shoot through a number of important milestones in our project. One of these included the possibility to launch Lition sidechains using Ethereum mainnet identities. The process is extremely critical to simplifying authorization for private sidechains. The key areas of focus for the team are development of registry and notary smart contracts, development of a secure and publicly verifiable notary protocol and sidechain integration. Read the full update here.

PickACrypto completed a detailed review and analysis of the Lition Project. The full report goes in-depth into the unique features that make the project one to watch out for.

AT Kearny, an international management consulting company also featured Lition’s partnership with GASAG as a case study in best-practices for digitalization of energy suppliers. Lition and GASAG are working together to connect a wide network of power plants with Lition’s peer to peer energy trading use case. also covered Lition in its newest series, Blockchain in Energy, in which they “interview the world’s leading thought leaders on the front lines of the intersections between blockchain and energy”. Lition is grateful to be covered in the newest episode. Read the interview here.

We at Lition are excited to announce that the project is joining the German Blockchain organization ‘Bundesblock’. The group consists of the most prominent blockchain companies in Germany including Parity, Deutsche Telekom and IOTA. By becoming a member of Bundesblock, Lition will be able to strengthen its relationship with the German Government even more thanks to the significant political exposures this community brings to the table. The announcement is available here.

We are only just getting started as these strides are only the beginning of the fulfilment of a lot of work that we have dedicated to the Lition project over the last few months. We are most grateful for your support and continue to deliver all our promises to you.

Lition Blockchain

Blockchain: The standard blockchain for enterprises and regulated markets

Jesse O’tega

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Lition Blockchain

Blockchain: The standard blockchain for enterprises and regulated markets