Leading decentralized power plant manufacturer 2G partners with Lition and optinom to scale peer-to-peer Energy trading

The internationally leading manufacturer of decentralized cogeneration power plants 2G Energy AG, is cooperating together with optinom, a specialist for sales and project development of power plants and Lition Energy, the developer of a blockchain based peer-to-peer energy trading solution.

According to the agreement, optinom will connect electricity producers who have acquired their decentralized power plant from 2G Energy AG with Lition. This will lead to electricity customers being connected with decentralized power plants directly without intermediaries. With currently thousands of such power plants currently in operation and a newly formed dedicated sales team to drive adoption, this marks a major milestone in scaling peer-to-peer energy trading. All this will be powered by Lition’s blockchain technology. Sales have already started, with 10 power plants that have signed up to date.

Speaking on the partnership, Lition’s Dr. Kyung-Hun Ha said: “The cooperation is more than just a sales partnership. Both companies rely on renewable energies from small independent electricity producers. While Lition has the direct link to the end customer, optinom has the direct link to the producer — ideal conditions for a perfectly synergy.”

Robert Weinek, Managing Director of optinom, also sees strategic advantages in the new partnership: “Our customers produce electricity from renewable energies. However, direct contact with the end customer was sometimes not possible due to regulatory reasons. Together with Lition, we can act quite differently here and ultimately offer our customers and the end customer better conditions”. The power plants are provided by 2G Energy AG, who has been manufacturing decentralized cogeneration plants ranging between 20kW and 2000kW.

Scaling peer-to-peer energy trading

Together, the three companies are bringing blockchain-based energy trading to a mass market and helping consumers and producers alike to save costs, achieve higher revenues and support the environment at the same time. The so-called peer-to-peer connection enables customers to choose a green electricity producer at a favourable price. In return, electricity producers receive more income for their electricity. Lition’s “members” save up to 14% compared to the local basic supply tariff. Electricity producers can also enjoy about 8% more income for their own electricity supply. The start-up company will focus exclusively on renewable, i.e. green, energies.

optinom takes care of the electricity producers and focuses exclusively on renewable energies. The company focuses on the small independent producers who have acquired their combined heat and power plants from 2G AG, a leading international manufacturer of cogeneration units for the decentralised supply of electricity and heat. optinom will look for and train suitable sales partners for the special Lition acquisition. Lition will provide technical support, but is primarily responsible for the end customer side and will support the newly acquired producers with marketing and sales campaigns.

“Blockchain-based technologies need to prove that they can achieve real-world value to the mainstream mass market. We’re glad to take this important step together with true experts in power generation to achieve this goal . This is what the Lition blockchain technology was built for.” — Lition’s CEO, Dr. Richard Lohwasser.

About 2G Energy AG:

2G is an internationally leading manufacturer of decentralized cogeneration plants. To date, they have produced several thousands of power plants and sold them into 45 countries. The stock-listed company (WKN A0HL8N) achieved a revenue of 210 Million EUR last year with over 600 employees in 7 countries.

About optinom:

optinom is one of the leading specialists for decentralized and renewable energies with expertise for the complete project development as well as further services around the construction of CHP, ORC and gas supply contracts. The business areas of the optinom network include projects for biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas, mine gas and natural gas plants as well as industrial waste heat power generation.

About Lition Energy:

Lition is developing a blockchain designed for commercial mass market use cases. Their energy use case connects consumers and producers directly. The company relies exclusively on green electricity from renewable energy sources. As part of its activities, the company cooperates with industry leaders such as SAP AG and the energy group GASAG.