Lition & lawpilots launch use case for Blockchain-verified certificates

Oct 10, 2019 · 3 min read
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Last May, Lition and lawpilots partnered to explore the application of blockchain technology in legal tech. lawpilots is Europe’s leading e-learning expert in the legal and regulatory realm. The innovative and interactive e-learning provider trains employees from public institutions and corporates like Mazda, Konica-Minolta and Doppelmayr. With lawpilots’ relevant online trainings, employees develop sustainable awareness in data protection, compliance, information security and occupational safety & health. lawpilots’ e-learning certificates are issued in form of downloadable PDF files.

Data protection is an important aspect for lawpilots and Lition. Therefore, Lition and lawpilots announce the first functional test version of an additional modern and safe way to verify the e-learning provider’s certificates. This is made possible using Blockchain technology by storing cryptographic hashes on thousands of distributed servers worldwide. This approach guarantees data integrity while preserving data privacy.

Public testing is live at

This allows course participants to upload their certificates on the blockchain.

A benefit of Lition’s new technology is that the blockchain can be used in a GDPR compliant way, which helps prevent data corruption and privacy problems. To reach this goal, Lition has developed a deletability feature permitting the ability to either apply an expiration date to the certificate or delete the document upon request. As of today, this is not standard on a regular blockchain infrastructure. So far, Lition has already realized energy and banking use-cases. This marks the third commercial use-case that runs on Lition blockchain technology.

Certificates dApp (distributed Application)

After connecting to the dedicated website through the browser plug-in Metamask, participants can upload certificates. The documents are cryptographically hashed and validated by thousands of decentralized servers spread across the internet. This is exactly where blockchain technology adds value to the system and cuts out useless third-party trustees. From a technical standpoint, the software creates a unique identifier of the certificate, called a hash. A hash is impossible to replicate and it is proven that the process cannot be reverse engineered. This eliminates any opportunity to compromise data starting from the hash, which makes it secure from a privacy perspective.

This puts the certificate holder in a position where they can mathematically prove they are the owner of the document to whoever requests so. Clients do not need to spend time in order to contact the certificate-issuing company, lawpilots, to verify the validity of documentation. Instead, it is enough to connect to use the solution in order to prove the existence of the document.

This is an additional benefit to the current, already advanced lawpilots’ data protection solution. It further increases the trustworthiness of lawpilots’certificates while streamlining the processes leveraging Lition’s blockchain technology.

What is next?

Lition and lawpilots are working jointly on an improvement phase where the upload happens automatically on request. In addition, they evaluate a roll-out to an associated law firm of lawpilots. Once the product is market ready Lition will allocate efforts to further develop the business with other firms within the certificate industry.

Expansion into potential other industries

Certificates are not only relevant for e-learning providers but also in many other fields which contain sensitive data, such as transcripts or university degrees. Lition will actively engage with additional organizations who are willing to take steps in this innovative direction.

About lawpilots

lawpilots. Law. Simple. Understood. Founded by consultants and lawyers, lawpilots started with the mission to prepare all employees for the legal challenges of digitization, with an innovative approach to digital learning. With over 800 companies as clients and more than 30 different language & country versions of their e-learnings, lawpilots is continuously setting a new benchmark for the online learning market. Nine out of 10 participants recommend the fun, time saving and positive engagement of the company’s online courses.

contact: Marthe Hilz / Head of PR & Marketing / Direct: +49 30 555 707 863 / / lawpilots GmbH /

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