Lition partners with lawpilots to issue Blockchain Certificates

Lawpilots is one of Europe’s leading digital learning companies which provides online training for the employees of clients such as Mazda, Konica-Minolta, governments and many more. The firm covers regulatory topics such as data protection, compliance and information security. Up until now, the certificates of the online training courses were issued as a PDF file which is easily vulnerable to forgery. To restructure that process with underlying Blockchain technology, Lawpilots will have privileged developer access to Lition’s Blockchain technology.

The collaboration between Lawpilots and Lition includes the development of a pilot project that creates the foundation for an additional use-case in which users of the issued Lawpilots certificates can store their certificates on Lition’s private sidechains. The certificates can then — upon request — be shared with selected individuals or organizations to prove its validity. Certificates with an expiration date will accordingly be deleted once the certificate expires thanks to Lition’s unique deletability features. In addition, the private data rights according to GDPR are always completely fulfilled to the highest possible standards as the owners of the data, i.e., the participants of the training courses, upload their certificates themselves.

Blockchain Certificates based on ERC721

In order to accomplish this goal, Lition will make use of the non-fungible ERC721 token standard in order to allow the storage of the aforementioned certificates on the Lition private sidechains. When the sharing of a certificate is required, a customized link that connects to the hash of the specific certificate can be created. The counterparty can then conveniently connect to Lition’s private sidechains in order to inspect the document.

This is being technically accomplished as Lition develops these functions on top of the ERC721 non-fungible token standard that can also be used for Security Token Offerings. The ERC721 is extended by adding a salted hash unique to the parameters of the certificate, incl. certificate type, issue date, expiry date, and receiving party, as well as the expiry date in unencrypted plain text. The ERC721-compatible token is only issued on the Lition blockchain by Lawpilots after verifying the certificate, and guaranteeing that it is authentic while at the same time preserving the private data in the certificate, such as the name of the certificate holder. As the expiry date of the certificate is publicly readable, it ensures a certificate is never used longer than it should, and deletion of the certificate is also possible should the certificate holder, i.e. owner of the private data, so desire.

Expansion into potential other industries

As certificates are not only being used for online training but also for many other things that contain sensible data such as transcripts or university degrees, Lition will actively engage with additional organizations that are willing to take steps in this innovative direction.

About lawpilots

Founded by consultants and lawyers, lawpilots started with the mission to prepare all employees for the legal challenges of digitization with an innovative approach to digital learning. Today, lawpilots has over 600 companies as clients, offers courses in over 30 different language in country versions of their trainings at a very high participant satisfaction rate of over 90%, thereby setting a new benchmark for the online learning market.