Lition’s ICO audited and officially SICOP approved (Sustainable ICO Protocol)

Lition believes that a certification methodology to evaluate and certificate secure and sustainable Initial Coin Offerings by standardizing good practices and ethical rules, is what the space needs. There were many ICOs in 2017 and 2018 that did not adhere to the highest professional standards.

This is why we decided to be audited by Tokeny who developed a certification tool that is called SICOP, the sustainable ICO protocol. We are excited to finally be able to say out loud that we meet the SCIOP specifications.

Find HERE the document!

To obtain this approval, we had to go through a audit process. During the steps, many aspects have been evaluated, SICOP compliance indicates that Lition has a viable long-term business concept and has correctly structured its initial coin offering (ICO). Compliance with SICOP verifies that Lition ICO will use blockchain in the correct way, and also be a fair and safe place for the purchase of its tokens.


SICOP is a certification methodology to determine if an ICO is compliant to the standards of an ethical, fair, and transparent market. It is based on best practices taken from the IPO industry as well as consumer rights. It provides a self-regulating framework to the ICO industry.

About Tokeny

Tokeny works with SICOP-compliant companies to enable them to deliver low-risk high-quality ICO experiences. In doing this, Tokeny also highlights high-quality investment opportunities to its community. The team behind Tokeny has decades of experience in delivering mission-critical global technology solutions. The teams objective is to utilise this background to make the participation of any contributor in an ICO transparent, accessible, and completely safe.