Lition’s Roadmap 2019

The year 2019 has been a whirlwind thus far. In the past few months alone, Lition debuted its Testnet to the world, forged numerous high-profile partnerships, advised top lawmakers on blockchain legislation and completed the most successful ICO in the bear market. While we’re proud of our accomplishments over the last year, it would be remiss to rest on our laurels and not press onward immediately.

In an effort to provide unparalleled transparency and accountability, I want to take a moment to outline our strategic goals and roadmap for the rest of 2019. The success of blockchain technology relies on both cutting-edge development and fostering an active community, and we want to walk our community step-by-step through our plans for the future. Thanks for joining us as we work together to build the blockchain standard for business.

Q2 2019

Main Net 1.0 Private Release

This June we’ll be releasing Main Net 1.0 (i.e. a production-grade release of our sidechain solution) to a private audience for testing and development. As the network is refined, we’ll start migrating use cases off of the Test Net and merging them onto the Main Net before it is publicly released. This way, we can offer the highest-quality infrastructure and ensure the smoothest roll out possible. The first “real” test of our sidechain solution will be done on our energy use case, allowing Lition Energy customers to trade their electricity over our mainnet.

Positioning Lition as the Go-To STO Platform

We realize regulatory compliance is the top priority for businesses hoping to explore and employ blockchain technology. Between securities regulations and GDPR laws protecting user privacy, enterprises need peace of mind to feel comfortable entering the blockchain space, which is why we’ve been hard at work developing the first public-private deletable blockchain infrastructure and collaborating with policymakers to shape legal framework for security token offerings (STOs).

The Lition blockchain platform is the only infrastructure that is both compliant with the GDPR and securities laws, allowing users to permanently delete user information and keep investor data confidential.

Throughout the rest of the second quarter, our business development team will be forging partnerships with STO clients in preparation for our public Main Net launch in September. Ideal STO clients are mid-sized companies looking to raise capital and offer stake without going through the prohibitively expensive IPO process their larger peers conduct. We’ve identified real estate, finance and healthcare as some of the industries that are prime candidates for our STO platform.

As our development team irons out the last few kinks in the network and legislators draft final versions of STO regulations, we want to ensure our partners are ready to take advantage of the STO model as soon as possible.

To optimize our STO platform, we’ll be running a variety of pilot STO projects on the Test Net and private Main Net to create a better user experience and push the platform to its limits. This will allow our partners to conduct their STOs with confidence and rock-solid tech when the time comes.

Expansion into Asia

So far, we have largely been a European project, both regarding use cases and governmental ties. While Europe is one of the world’s largest economies, the largest growth is currently happening in Asia. We have been in numerous discussions with Asian companies both inside and outside the blockchain sector to understand their requirements and how we can best cater to them.

In late Q2 / early Q3 we want to get a stronger foothold into the Asian market. Our latest partnership announcement with Tomochain was the first step into this direction, and we are working hard on the next.

Greater Liquidity

Lition is made for large business use cases, with volumes that require significant amount of transactions and thus LIT tokens to work. While this objective is still out as we are working on releasing our main net in Q3 2019, we are working on generating a higher degree of liquidity for our token.

Therefore, in the coming months, we’ll be listing the LIT token on more exchanges to offer token holders greater liquidity before utility functions are available via the public mainnet.

Q3 2019

Main Net 1.0 Public Release: The Lition Blockchain is Officially Live!

After testing is complete on the private release of the Main Net, we plan to hold the public release on the end of September 2019. This launch will see the Lition platform go live across the globe for the first time. Use Case developers and node operators can then download our client to run their own node, create their own sidechains, register them on the Ethereum mainnet and start staking LIT tokens. This finally gives the LIT token the utility it was designed for, and dApp users can rely on a fast, stable, battle-tested sidechain solution that keeps private data safe and is fully legally compliant.

This event will be the centerpiece of our year, and is the requirement for enterprise and STO clients going live. With the Main Net launch, we’ll be ushering in a new dawn in blockchain, one that finally provides businesses with the tools they need to succeed and actually take advantage of the potential that blockchain proponents have been preaching for years.

The success of our mainnet will rely on the intersection of all of our efforts: top-tier development, deep involvement with legislation and strong community-building.

Q4 2019

First dApps and STOs out in the wild

The fourth quarter will focus on expanded use cases and partners to join the Lition network, allowing developers to build their own DApps on the Lition Blockchain by purchasing LIT tokens or directly working with Lition team as a service provider.

As impending legislation is finally implemented, our STO clients will be able to launch alongside relevant regulations and immediately take advantage of this emerging market.

Supporting Our Creation

Quarter four will see continued efforts to maximize the potential of the Lition blockchain platform through regular network updates and large-scale user migration.

As more and more projects join the network, we’ll be rolling out industry-specific toolkits (SDKs) [1], tailored to typical blockchain use cases. As the Lition network will support a wide-variety of projects, we recognize that a one-size-fits-all approach would inundate development teams with superfluous information and be counterintuitive to providing our clients with the best possible platform. Our objective is that it should be easy for developers to use the Lition blockchain infrastructure to deploy their own solutions.

Making Good On Blockchain’s Promises, One Day at a Time

As you can probably tell, the team and I have a busy year ahead of us. We’re excited to finally deliver on the promises so many other ventures have made, but failed to follow through on. We know talk is cheap, which is why we’re keeping our community updated every step of the way and releasing working products and demos as often as we can. The rest of 2019 is bound to be our most exciting phase yet.

Thanks for your support so far!