Our upcoming Token Sale

Herewith we officially announce that our public token sale starts on the 18th of March. We aim to raise between $2m to $3m from the public. The exact figure will be announced in the beginning of March and depends on the overall market situation. Additional funds raised will be invested in the technology and post ICO strategy, as we aim to build the best possible product and will stand up to our promises.

The token sale is split into 2 rounds and is structured as follows:

Round 1:

  • $0.5m cap
  • 48 hour duration (18.03–20.03)
  • only for whitelisted participants
  • 7% for first 24 hours, 6% for last 24 hours

Round 2:

  • $1.5–2.5m cap
  • 120 hour duration (21.03–26.03)
  • open for the general public
  • 4% bonus initially — being reduced each day by 1%

The Token Generation Event (TGE) takes place shortly before the initial exchange listing, so that all token vesting schedules start simultaneous to token trade start. Hence, our HODL-Highway starts counting at the same time.

Fundraise Round allocations

Since this has not been officially communicated by us until now, we are keen on sharing how our fundraising rounds are being structured:

Seed round: $2m → closed & soft cap reached

Private round: $3m → ongoing; unsold tokens to be burned, results will be published in March

Public round: $2–3m → exact amount to be determined, unsold tokens to be burned

The maximum total valuation as well as the circulating supply are affected by the public round allocation as unsold tokens are going to be burned.

Let’s clarify this (under the assumption that private and public sale sells out):

In case the private sale does not sell out, remaining tokens are burned and therefore our valuation would decrease further. We will communicate the results of this round in March prior to our public sale launch.

Stay tuned!

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