The Lition White Paper Competition

Dear Community,

After our successful sticker contest, herby we announce that we are starting a new campaign to spread the word about Lition! 🗣

Introducing the Lition WP Campaign

One of the best ways to communicate nowadays is to attract visual attention with strong designs. Therefore we think that simple visual representations are key to spreading the word about Lition and grow further our community. Our aim is to let more people understand who we are and unleash the real potential behind our project.

Lition invites you all to join the competition by doing a one-pager/graphic that summarizes in the best possible way our white paper and share it in your community.

White Paper:

You can choose how you will reach out best to your people. E.g.: Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Facebook etc. 
Altough the main focus has to be on the white paper, the source of the content doesn't have to be strictly 100% from the document. E.g.: We have some important partners that could be worth being represented even though they are not written in the white paper. The announcement channel is a great place to find more information about the Lition project.

Further Contest Guidelines

The winners will be chosen by the team. We will reward high-quality works by carefully evaluating the sinergy between content and design. 
Community impact is also important, but only from an engagement perspective. Meaning that numbers will have 0-weight in the decision as we aim to avoid any spammy behavior, and real engagement will be taken into consideration. We believe that quality is what makes the difference, it makes everything unique and therefore worth to invest time in and engage with it.

There are not many rules to be followed when it comes to the graphic, just use your creativity to find a way to communicate Lition’s vision in the most effective way.

When? What is the reward?

The contest will last for a total of 10 days:

Start: 9th of May @ 8:00pm CET
End: 19th of May @ 8:00pm CET

Below the rewards for the contest winners:

1. place: 5000 LIT (~$500 USD equivalent)
2. place: 2500 LIT (~$250 USD equivalent)
3. place: 1250 LIT (~$125 USD equivalent)

Interested in participating?

Let me go through the steps you need to follow to be an eligible partecipant:

  1. Create a graphic 🎨
  2. Use the following hashtags #GetLit $LIT
  3. Share your work in Lition’s Telegram group*
  4. Share it on social media platforms
  5. Tag @ Lition when applicable
  6. Wait until we announce the winners :)

*as we need to identify the authors of the works, make sure that you first publish it in our main channel, as this will make you the owner of that particular work. It solves the problem of another person claiming your graphics.

Good luck to everyone and feel free to share this article with your fellow designer/artists!

Your Lition Team