Token Generation Event and Exchange Listing Update

Lition Token Generation Event is now live!

We are happy to announce that our TGE was today, on April 11, 2019. This means that contributors have received their LIT tokens on the wallet used for contribution during our sale. However, these tokens will remain locked until shortly before the initial listing of Lition on an exchange of our choice next Wednesday. This is to ensure a smooth premier listing process with our official exchange partner.

The token address is 0x763fa6806e1acf68130d2d0f0df754c93cc546b2.

Exchange listing is on Wednesday, April 17

As you might know, prior to our ICO we promised to list on a decent Tier 2 exchange in April/May, and generate our tokens about a week before. As the tokens have now been generated, we are pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with an exchange that is truly satisfying our standards. Our listing will be on April 17, 9am CET / 4pm GMT+8.

We will release a joint announcement with the exchange one day before listing, on Tuesday, April 16.

We will also follow up with other reputable exchanges in the near future. Stay tuned!

Choosing Your Preferred Community Program

We have given our community the possibility to choose between our bonus program or our refund program. You will be able to elect into one of those once you have received your LIT tokens. You will have time to freely choose until Tuesday, April 16th at 23:59 GMT. This gives you enough time to have the full picture, including the name of the exchange.

How to join the HODL Highway bonus program

  • You literally don’t have to do anything. Every public sale participant is automatically nominated for the HODL-Highway for a maximum bonus of 25% after 180 days.
  • Just remember that once you’ve moved your tokens of the initial wallet you will lose further pay-outs.

How to join the Guaranteed Refund Parachute program

  • You will have to call a smart contract in order to let us know that you are willing to hold your tokens for 6 months in order to be eligible for a refund of 50% in DAI.
  • In any case you can still decide to transfer your tokens off the initial wallet, but it goes obviously hand in hand with a loss of a refund possibility.
  • Please note that once you opted into the refund program, there is no way out of it again, so choose wisely.
  • Here are the instructions to subscribe into the Refund program
  1. Install Metamask and add your wallet with the LIT tokens to your MetaMask account
  2. Navigate to our token contract on Etherscan to the ‘write contract’ tab:
  3. Unlock editing by selecting “Connect with Metamask” and confirm with your MetaMask password
  4. Navigate to the smart contract function “signupForRefund” and type in the number of LIT tokens you want to elect into the refund program. You can also allocate only partial tokens. As the HODL Highway only works without election into the Refund Parachute we however always recommend to allocate all tokens.
    Tip: Not sure how many tokens you have? If you type in a number higher than the tokens you have (e.g. 9999999) and you automatically allocate all
  5. Execute the smart contract by selecting “Write”, and confirm the transaction with MetaMask. You’re good to go!
    Tip: Want to save on gas? Try a low Gwei amount in the “Advanced” tab within the Gas fee, e.g. 1 or 2 Gwei, and see if the transactions goes through. If not, try again with a slightly higher number. Do not change the gas limit.

Your Lition Team