Litmus is Now Free to Academic Researchers

We are delighted to announce Litmus Free. Our platform is now available to researchers in academia at zero cost.

Researchers can apply for Litmus Free here.

At a time when NIH’s budget is in jeopardy and public grants are under siege, the resources academics need to do meaningful research are as hard as ever to come by. At Litmus, we want to help.

Our platform uses data collected at the point of experience from wearables, smart devices, and home sensors to guide trail management and inform clinical endpoints. We’re uniquely suited for studies and trials interested in measuring health-related quality of life.

Academic trials often start at a smaller scale. With Litmus Free, we want to help researchers accelerate the pace of their work, at no added expense.

We’re releasing Litmus Free because we are researchers too. We’ve seen firsthand the value that this kind of technology can have on improving the speed and fidelity of data collection pipelines from the first stages of research.

Researchers should spend less time collecting data and more time actually working with it. If we can help speed the pace of your research, please fill out an application [link] or send us a line [link].

What You Get

Under the Litmus Free program, our core platform is now free up to 100 enrollees, for up to 18 months of non-commercial use and up to 1 terabyte of data storage.

You get our Android and iOS mobile apps, all of our off-the-shelf device and sensor integrations, the Litmus ePro library, and the Litmus Study Hub dashboard.

Study Hub is our newest offering; it is an interactive trial monitoring web app that visualizes your population’s status and progress. It also includes administrative controls and simple data export.

Researchers can apply for Litmus Free here.

The application is straightforward. We just want to ensure that Litmus can indeed help answer the research questions you plan to ask of the data. The review and approval process will take two weeks.

Applications are now open. We’ll begin standing up new research under this program starting June 1.

The Fine Print

Litmus Free does not include our machine learning modules and workflows.

We’re happy to help with configuration and key questions you have along the way, though we can’t provide around-the-clock support as in the paid version.

We can’t do any custom data or systems integrations. You must clear the rights to any commercial ePRO instruments you wish to use; we’ll integrate them into our library if we don’t have them already, but some surveys have special licensing requirements and/or royalties associated with their use.

Finally, you must agree to our basic legal agreements governing our relationship and the use of data. Its parameters have proven to be non-controversial with other, similar institutions.

The answers we need are all around us. If you’re interested in getting started, fill out an application here. We look forward to serving you.