Are maternity models really pregnant?

It’s hard enough to feel beautiful when you’re pregnant, especially in the beginning. Your body is going through so many changes, yet none of these changes are noticeable to anyone else — they just think you’re getting fat.

So after trying to strap your chest down one more day (I think mine has already grown at least a cup size), you find yourself at midnight searching through maternity clothes websites. Only none of the models look pregnant. Their hips are still straight, their breasts small and they smile at you: “ Yes, you too can look this beautiful when pregnant (feel like crap).”

You can’t even try maternity clothes on. The majority of the clothes are sold online, ranging from the affordable (Asos and Topshop) to the designer (Nine in the mirror), so you never know what size to buy. So you say to yourself: Are my hips bigger, will the fabric give, why does my chest look humongous?

One of my favourite descriptions on a maternity website said: “Use current bust measurement to determine size.” Thanks, Nordstrom. That’s exactly what I want to do— get out a tape measure to see just how much my chest has grown.

Granted, I am nowhere near maternity clothes size. But what do you do when you can’t button your blouse? Do you buy the next size up or invest? I’m going to go with Margherita Missoni’s advise: buy Missoni. Missoni fabrics have enough give to get you through the first couple months. Investment for four months? Fine with me.

Sorry, husband.