For the love of Kegels

It started happening about a week ago. Every time I sneeze a bit of pee falls out of me. And with hay fever season wreaking havoc on my allergies, I’m sneezing a lot!

I used to make fun of my mom for wearing pads even when she wasn’t on her period, but now I find myself in extreme need of panty liners. It’s gotten to the point of trying — forcing — myself not to sneeze. But it’s just not working. And although not a lot is coming out — not enough for anyone to notice — it’s just really uncomfortable.

So, yes, Kegel exercise. What to expect when you’re expecting, tells me that if I’m going to do one bit of exercise while pregnant, it should be a Kegel. Well, because, apparently during pregnancy this part of your body just stops working properly.

A week ago I started Kegeling, 20 times a day as suggested by my book. Squeezing for ten seconds, slowly releasing and then repeating. And you know what, it’s working. Only because now before I sneeze I tighten these muscles. Multi-tasking if you will, and I seem to have gotten control of myself again.

Though I am a bit concerned about what’s going to happen as I start to get bigger. I can already tell, I’m going to become dependent on Depends!

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