Mother’s Day

Via My Domaine.

Rob is one and a half. I am his mom. He is my boy.

And because I like to remember these types of things, I asked for (and Mike got me — thanks, Mike!) some Baggu bags (standard size in neon, turquoise, and pink static) and Gala Darling’s new book, Radical Self Love (only available for a month!), which I can’t wait to dig into.

And while we’re talking about reusable bags, here are my thoughts, because I know you want to know (i.e. I want to tell you).

I love reusable bags. It feels good bringing bags to the grocery and everywhere else to fill up with goodies. I love how pretty and really, truly useful they can be, especially my new sturdy, colorful, machine-washable, nylon Baggu bags. (Full disclosure, before my Baggu bags, I had Trader Joe’s reusable bags. Even though they’re pretty — very pretty! — they aren’t easy to clean, so they don’t get cleaned. That’s gross. And those weird plasticky ones are…weird. Weird in the wash. Weird because they don’t match. Just weird.)

I love plastic bags. I’ve hoarded them for months. I even steal my mom’s from Houston. I don’t bring my reusable bags into my local Safeway (Milpitas has somehow missed the boat on the local bag bans, for now) just so I can stock up on their plastic bags. Because to me, they are invaluable. They are my recycle bags. They are my car trash bags. They are my Goodwill donation bags.

California institutes its state-wide bag ban sometime in the next few weeks. I’ll continue hoarding my Milpitas plastic bags until then. Meantime, I’ll have to find an online dealer for those beautiful plastic bags.


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