Day 1

Worked on the next step of the visitor sign up process for Prompt today. The flow now goes like this:

Landing page > new prompt form > add phone number form

The phone number form is very simple. I designed this page with a selection box for country and also with a link to an additional page where a visitor could ask to have their country added if it’s not available. I’m trying to keep costs down at first by setting up as few phone numbers as possible to send text messages from. Here’s the mockup:

add phone number mockup

To streamline things, I dropped the country selection for now and added a simple note that specifying that only US numbers will work for now. Added a note to my todo list to come back and expand this if time allows. Here’s what the form looks like:

add phone number form

Stayed focused on the core functionality today, which is good. I’ve decided to try a new routine going forward. I’m going to code for at least an hour and then add an entry to this log every day. I feel weird starting to do this part way through a project, but I’ve been having trouble being consistent. I’m hoping that making this a daily habit and posting publicly will help.

I’ll try to go through and back-date some previous entries after I figure out how to import them into Medium, but I’m going to write here for a while so I don’t procrastinate by trying to create my own blog. Have to stay focused on the real work.

Technical notes

Ran into a minor issue with Minitest that chewed up some time. I’m used to using Capybara and forgot that I needed to follow the redirect in my controller test in order to verify that the visitor ended up on the add phone number form. Hopefully I can keep that in mind going forward. Liking primarily focusing on controller tests so far.