Day 17

Switching gears to find some momentum

Signing up/signing in still isn’t totally finished, but I switched to something more interesting today, just for a change of pace. I‘m now sending a user who’s logged in back to the home page after they create a prompt, instead of sending them back into the sign up process. I also separated the home page content. It now shows the dashboard when you’re logged in and the welcome page if you’re logged out.

Nothing too difficult, and it’s encouraging to see things come together. Tomorrow, I’ll probably go back and finish up refactoring how I’m storing the phone numbers and make sure that the sign up process works smoothly, but it was nice to take a break from that work that is important but not fun.

A change of pace can lift your spirits and keep you from getting discouraged about your project. If you’re getting stuck on something difficult, sometimes it helps to switch gears. While there is some risk of losing where you were in the project, gaining that extra momentum can be critical. Too many days in a row of your project only feeling like a grind and you’ll start to lose hope. Take a break before you go crazy and come back when you’re feeling better about things overall.