Day 2

Continued work on the Prompt sign up process today. When you’re allowing visitors to sign up via phone number, you don’t want to treat the phone number as valid until the user has confirmed it. I created a new_phone_number field and I’m storing the number there until the user is verified.

Next step, verification! I’ll be sending the user a text to confirm it’s really them. Also need to validate the phone number and return errors if it’s not a good format.

I like to see visible progress, so when nothing changes in the UI, it can be frustrating and feel like nothing is happening. Have to keep the big picture in mind and realize that not every day will feel productive.

Technical notes

Struggled with Minitest integration tests a bit today. I didn’t realize that I would need to reload any record that I updated and I got stuck there for a little while. Two steps forward, one step back, but still progress.