Day 20

Getting back on track

Not much to report today. Cleaned up some code after removing my phone number table. Probably not the best use of time. Planning to start work on sending notifications tomorrow.

I skipped working & posting the last two days, which I have mixed feelings about. Stayed out really late on Friday night at a friend’s going-away party and then spent most of the day yesterday catching up on chores and things I’ve gotten behind on. Once I miss one day, it’s easy for me to skip another. Not sure why that is, but that’s part of why I’ve been trying to do this every day.

Another part of me thinks that taking a break is healthy and that trying to work every day of the week without any rest will lead to burnout.

I’m planning to revisit my schedule today and see if I can do a better job of planning things out for the week and removing/putting things off that don’t really need to be done. I have a bad habit of making really long todo lists for myself and it stresses me out. I don’t want to get to the end of every week feeling used up, because it’s not sustainable.

I’ve also been thinking about what I might be able to out-source. There are some regular things on my to-do list that I might be able to pay someone else to do in order to free up time and mental space. That might help me stay focused on my commitments without feeling stressed.

Keep showing up and doing real work that matters. Don’t put things off until you’ve figured out the perfect system, because that will never happen. Adjust as you go and keep moving forward.