Day 22

Notifications away

Prompt is now sending text notifications, which is exciting. 🎉 I cut back to the simpler case of sending a single waiting prompt, without worrying about which specific one or ordering them, and concentrated on connecting the pieces needed to get a message out the door.

Everything originates from a rake task, which calls a method in the Prompt class. The Prompt class asks the User class for a list of people to check (currently just returning everyone), then checks each one and finds a single prompt to send if there is one waiting. It hands the prompt over to the UserTexter class, along with the appropriate phone number.

Trying to decide what to do next and what isn’t going to make the version 1 cut. Need to add the logic for which people should be sent a prompt at which time, which gets into the timezone side of things. Also need to add some basic membership plans. And enhance the experience of adding and viewing the upcoming prompts.

So much to do and so little time…