day 1

Getting started

Started in on my next 6-week project today. Always fun to start something new. Did some mockups in Balsamiq. I’ll try to show some of the interesting bits tomorrow.

From my last project, I learned I need to start with something even smaller than what I think is small enough. Part of the problem with getting launched was the holidays, but part of the problem was getting side-tracked with code that wasn’t central to the application. Over time, I’ll build up code that can be re-used between projects, but I need to stick with really simple ideas for now until I build up some momentum.

So what is the new project, you ask?

It’s a service that lets you know when new music comes out from artists you follow. You’ll sign in with your Spotify account and then the app will notify you when new albums are released from artists you already follow. There may be a way to get this from Spotify already, but I haven’t found it.

I’m also interested to see if I can get some search engine traffic by answering the question “when is X going to release a new album?” I’ve never done much SEO, but I think it would be fun to try to answer/predict this question and see if people find the site as a result.

There won’t be much to the UI, but there will be quite a bit going on in the background with the API and different jobs to make everything work. Should be fun!