day 2

Planning my todo list

I’m trying to keep my planning phase short in order to maximize my development time.

I started with some simple mockups in Balsamiq. Beginning with the home page, I added content, buttons, and links until I started to run out of ideas. I use URLs as the mockup names and link between them. I like to switch over to fullscreen mode and click on things to see how the flow is working.

I usually end up with many more screens than I expect. This idea was just a couple pages in my head, but I stopped at 13 mockups, including a couple emails. Little things like editing account details or signing up for a membership can be quickly carried over between projects, but they still have to be coded and checked.

The bulk of this app is going to be checking the Spotify API and sending out notifications, so there will be a lot of behind-the-scenes work.

After mocking things up, I made a list of features, being careful to separate pieces that are nice to have from essential functionality. Then I do a little sorting and make sure that the important stuff is at the top.

The goal is to get through all the primary features in the next 4.5 weeks and then launch the last week. Excited to start building tomorrow. 😄