76 Ideas That Could be the Next Uber

Some more likely than others

Will it be the startup that:

  1. Actually does conquer self-driving cars; perhaps comma.ai.
  2. Conquers self-piloted airplanes.
  3. Gets rid of security lines at airports.
  4. Gives us self-operating earth-movers: give the equipment a 3D rendering of the lay of the land and what the land should look like, and the equipment gets to work on its own.
  5. Sends us to Mars.
  6. Sends us to another galaxy.
  7. Lets us live on the moon.
  8. Lets us live sustainably on a space station.
  9. Lets us live on a barge on the ocean.
  10. Lets us live under the ocean.
  11. Lets us live in the sky.
  12. Lets us live sustainably under ground. (through geothermal?)
  13. Gives us a better reason to live in a virtual world than in the real world.
  14. Creates a virtual reality device that everyone wants to use.
  15. Puts “screens” in our mind.
  16. Creates general artificial intelligence.
  17. Synthesizes gold.
  18. Synthesizes silver.
  19. Synthesizes platinum.
  20. Mines asteroids.
  21. Gives us everlastingly flavored gum.
  22. Gives us everlasting gobstoppers.
  23. Gives us Michelin-star meals for little money from drones.
  24. Synthesizes food for us in our home.
  25. Creates a food tower, largely out of glass, that can feed a large portion of a city.
  26. 3D prints nice homes for a tenth of the cost.
  27. 3D prints commercial-grade bridges.
  28. 3D prints cement highways.
  29. 3D prints massive buildings.
  30. Gives us a drywall machine that prints or puts up drywall autonomously.
  31. Builds mech suits for our bodies to 100x our capabilities for things like construction.
  32. Builds water suits so that we can walk along the bottom of the ocean at an depth.
  33. Gives us the Iron Man suit.
  34. Gives us a useful chip in our brain.
  35. Helps us love.
  36. Gives us a pill-size nano device that sits in our stomach to denature bad calories and bad chemicals before we digest them.
  37. Gives us cheap flying cars.
  38. Uses air-powered pipes (like the ones at the bank drive-through) to deliver goods like food and other small necessities from distribution centers to homes across America and around the world.
  39. Gives us a teleportation device.
  40. Gives us a time machine (forward and back, or just forward).
  41. Ends government influence.
  42. Ends formal government.
  43. Lets us live to 200, comfortably and desirably.
  44. Gives us good breath.
  45. Gives us good farts.
  46. Automates a thorough shower, and does it in under a minute.
  47. Gives you the same hairstyle every day, in seconds, automated.
  48. Exercises you while you sleep.
  49. Lets us clean and floss our teach easily in under a minute.
  50. Dresses us in 20 seconds in a well-matched outfit.
  51. Thinks for us.
  52. Uses artificial intelligence (AI) to do 90% of what most office workers do today.
  53. Creates a program to non-invasively observe redundant office computer tasks and intelligently automate them.
  54. Allows us to see in 10x zoom.
  55. Allows us to hear in 100x zoom.
  56. Allows us to mute the world around us, except for noises that indicate an emergency.
  57. Types what we think.
  58. Gives us an invisible body force field that automatically deploys whenever a projectile moving at bullet speed comes towards us, acting as a shield to block the bullet.
  59. Gives us the brain input from the Matrix so we can learn Kung Fu, or anything else, in about 10 seconds.
  60. Allows us to scuba dive without all of the gear.
  61. Lets us read books in our sleep.
  62. Lets us see clearly in water without goggles, like fish can; perhaps a type of contact lens.
  63. Writes books for us.
  64. Makes money for us, reliably.
  65. Makes money to give a universal basic income to everyone on Earth without any government involvement.
  66. Gets government out of K-12 and makes it free for all online.
  67. Makes college 99% cheaper.
  68. Closes the income inequality gap.
  69. Ends crime.
  70. Ends slavery.
  71. Gives everyone a home.
  72. Gives everyone good food.
  73. Lets us stop working.
  74. Gives us peace on Earth.
  75. Ends poverty.
  76. Helps give meaning to our lives.

Sometimes I’m fearful that the Ubers of the world will be fewer and further between. Uber is 8 years old, but there don’t seem to be any others on the horizon. I’m probably just missing it.

I’d like to see how many companies have become “billion dollar” (valuation) companies over the years in this country, and how many years it took from their founding to reach their billion-dollar valuation. Ideally, the study would look over the past two hundred years and perfectly adjust for inflation. My guess is that we’ve seen more billion dollar companies come into creation in the past ten years than at any other time in history, at least if we don’t count the dot com bubble. Or perhaps we can count it we just have to disqualify any company which is gone ten years later. If we do that we’ll have to wait 10 years to do the study starting at 2017 and before.

What do you think will be the next Uber? Has it been started already, will you start it, or does it need to be started? If it has been started, where is it and what is it? Do you have any Uber-ideas?

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