iMessage app “Let’s Puck It!” has over 1 Million players doing really weird stuff

It’s an iMessage hit! Let’s Puck It! is now on over 1 Million iOS devices and we couldn’t be more excited! If you haven’t tried it yet, “Let’s Puck It!” is a turn-based air hockey game for iMessage, with a twist. We’ve added a social betting layer so people can settle their friendly squabbles over a quick game. Players can choose from a list of pre-selected bets or enter their own custom stakes.

Millions have already used Let’s Puck It to make friendly wagers. Unfortunately for some, that also means that:

After months at the top of the iMessage app charts, Let’s Puck It! has amassed quite the userbase, enhancing millions of iMessage conversations.

It’s been very interesting to see how people are using the game to further communication with friends & family. We’ve learned that people want to communicate in more entertaining and engaging ways than just a simple text. This trend began with people adding emojis, stickers & gifs to their texts but the movement is quickly evolving towards more interactive and engaging content. By layering things like gameplay and videos into existing communication platforms, people are adding fuel to conversations and expressing themselves in new & exciting ways.

All of these learnings are being applied to the next iMessage product, already in development at Little Labs. Stay tuned to see what’s next.

In the meantime, enjoy Let’s Puck It!

-Little Labs Team