Introducing Little Lights Digital

Our New Business Division

The Little Lights family grows — well, kind of. We decided to split into two distinct business divisions.

The Evolution of Little Lights

We are a pretty young company (we’ll turn 4 in a couple of days), but after three years we could observe an increasing pace of a changing market.

When we founded Little Lights, many didn’t believe that it would make sense to focus on digital storytelling — especially not in a market like Austria.

Now, several international and national projects and campaigns later, it is evident that the change is unstoppable and budgets heavily shift from only a few traditional media outlets to a fragmented media landscape with different audiences and content requirements.

We embraced the change from the beginning and we’ve been involved in many really exciting campaigns — from small niche videos to heavy-hitting multinational series. We’ve built our own storytelling products and over time our portfolio became larger.

And it got a bit chaotic too, our website got a bit confusing — a children’s book next to a brand video next to animated short films.

So while our internal structures already shifted several months ago to do justice to the changing market, it was time to put this into an official form for our clients too.

Welcome Little Lights Digital

We are proud to officially introduce our two business divisions: Little Lights Studio and Little Lights Digital.

Little Lights Studio

The studio division develops and produces entertainment content, almost exclusively aimed at a family audience.

We develop & produce animated shorts & web-series, work on a storytelling app for families, develop stories for TV and digital outlets, publish children’s books and many more entertainment projects.

Little Lights Digital

The digital division develops and produces story-driven content for brands — brand documentaries, social media films and everything else with an exclusive focus on engaging storytelling.

We are working with medium-sized businesses and multinational corporations alike — each business & brand has an interesting story to tell.

Our Mission

Our dedication and love for stories will be our mission for both divisions, we still firmly believe that each and every project benefits from diverse creative teams that are equally skilled in brand work and entertainment projects.

The main difference between the divisions are the organizational structures — brand communication and entertainment work demand different workflows and distinct client services — so each division is specifically built to cater the distinct demands of our clients.

To make it short: our high standards for quality and our core values stay the same — we just simplified and improved the workflow around them.

Every story is a little light in the dark — for brands and family audiences alike!

And last but not least — you can visit our brand new website here: