Little Newtons Childcare: Children & Environmental Sustainability

Teaching Children to Be Eco-Conscious

In an effort to educate young children on the environment, daycares are engaging children in outdoor activities such as nature walks in order to stimulate their curiosities for the natural world. With environmental concerns more prevalent than ever, educating young minds on the importance of reducing their ecological footprint is essential to the future of the earth. Having children observe and describe fundamental properties of the physical world while outlining the key characteristics of energy conservation, will equip children with the knowledge to focus on environmental sustainability as they continue to develop.

Little Newtons, founded in 2009 by Alise McGregor, is a child care center that aims to change early childhood education by providing the highest quality of learning available for children ages 0–5. Having over six years of nursing experience combined with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology with an emphasis on Cardiac Rehabilitation, Alise has developed an exciting yet informative curriculum to fuel knowledge and excite her students when it comes to environmental studies.

Developing a Scientific Understanding

Little Newtons offers a variety of different activities to engage children with their natural surroundings so they establish a sophisticated understanding of the environment. The educators at Little Newtons have children study the life cycle by having them describe characteristics through the use of images and sequence photos. Similarly, children are asked to identify the basic properties of water, air, and light, and how they affect the physical world. Developing an advanced understanding of the environment will aid children in making eco-conscious choices later in life.

The curriculum at Little Newton’s is never stagnant and is constantly evolving in response to current social issues and the changing needs of the child. The program seeks to give children hands on experience as they are asked to classify images of animals according to their habitats as well as care for plants by recording observations of the plant and how they fit into an ecosystem.

Alise and her team also stress the importance of reducing ones ecological footprint by teaching the responsibility of recycling and describing the child’s home and immediate family.

Little Newtons is an industry leader in child care

By infusing each lesson with academics combined with adventure, Alise primes her students for a bright future. For more information visit Little Newtons Program Goals for an in-depth look at programs available for the ages of 3–4 and 4–5 to see why Little Newtons is the number one choice for child care in Minnesota.