Truth & Fallacies of a Wage Increase

Taxing the already poor into extreme poverty with inflation on the rise.

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“Knowledge is expensive. It’s people that put a price on it that don’t know how valuable it really is.” Opal A. Roszell

Taxation Changes

The Government of Canada has made some significant changes in recent years. But…




The publication is about Business development strategies, innovations, skill-sets, and practices to ensure growth. Business development includes different aspects, which requires to be taken care off or given importance, in order to attain or sustain future growth.

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University of Miami CIO & Treasurer Charmel Maynard on Global Allocations in 2021 #Umiami​ #cannes

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Opal A Roszell

Opal A Roszell

Inspiring Social & Emotional Competency in Online Communities. Savouring the Flavour of Life. Content & Document Creator 4 Hire; Follow me @opaliving

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