I’m Not Depressed, But

I’m definitely not depressed, because depression is a disease that I don’t have. I’m not at all depressed, but I do wake up and the next thing I look forward to is going to sleep at night.

I’m not depressed, but the only good part of my day is when I’m eating.

I’m not depressed, but I dread all social interactions. But it could be because my throat is dry. Honestly, that’s probably it.

I’m not depressed, but I do cry at 4pm and 8pm everyday. My life’s not bad enough for me to be depressed though — think about the orphans in Africa.

I’m not depressed, I just wanted an excuse to break up with him. Actually, this one is true.

I’m not depressed, but I do spend most of the day gazing out the window wondering ‘what’s the point?’ How could I be depressed though — I have like several friends. My parents aren’t even divorced!

I’m not depressed, I just LOVE weed. And hate not being high. The idea of existing in this world without being high from 8am — 11pm is brutal.

I’m not depressed, there’s just so much good stuff on Netflix, why would I have left my house in the last two weeks?

I’m not depressed, I just happen to have been in a bad place every time you’ve seen me for the last four months, which has been everyday, because we’re roommates.

I’m not depressed, but I don’t really remember what being happy feels like. But that’s just because I have a bad memory. Don’t try to put me on medication — I’m not broken.

I’m not depressed, but I do find myself standing closer and closer to the subway tracks. Sometimes I just wonder what it’d be like. I’m not depressed though. I’m curious.

Honestly, I’m fine.