House renovations week 7

Tile progress and a missing tub

The kitchen soon after closing on the home. Photo by author.

This week, the construction and tile crew got to work on the tile in the kitchen. I’m blessed in that the prior homeowner had done a lot of renovations to the home, especially in the kitchen. But I wasn’t in love with the kitchen backsplash or the kitchen pendants. A lot of people who saw photos of the house loved the blue tile and pendants but I found them a bit too…




Renovating a 1949 bungalow in the Palm Haven neighborhood of San Jose, CA.

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Noor Ali-Hasan

Noor Ali-Hasan

I’m a UX research lead at Google, where I help teams design and build desirable and easy to use products. Outside of work, I love art, Peloton, and Lego.

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