Initial post: Bradbury Stories

Bradbury places the setting in both of these stories in what seems like the distant future. Although “There Will Come Soft Rains” specifies that the story takes place in 2026, this is 76 years after it was written, so the modern day reader can still understand the whole distant post-apocalyptic future thing going on. This story specifically was very interesting because it was one of the only, if not exclusively the only story I have read that had no characters in it whatsoever. It was interesting to see how I as a reader became invested in the narrative despite the fact there was no character to follow. On the other hand, “The veldt” had characters to follow, but still left the reader with a similar sense of uneasiness towards technology. This story showed how technology is dangerous because of the possibility that it could make humans less ‘human’. It is fascinating to me to know that these stories were written over 50 years ago, yet mention the same concerns about technology that people may express today. I could only imagine what he could do as a writer with content like smart phones and 3D printers. Of the two stories, I enjoyed “There Will Come Soft Rains” more, because I was really intrigued by how drawn in I was to the story regardless of the lack of characters.

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