BITTERSWEET…………It crept up on me, a memory. One that time had taken to it’s hiding place, to wait out the days and dance through my dreams. Bittersweet ,kept just out of reach. I remember now when chance showed me the picture of you. One that I had long thought lost. You. How life could have been if only…if only….We were not to be,not in this life…Something so beautiful as it burst into a million pieces. It was love,raw ,wild, a thing with a life of it’s own.Too much for us to keep in check. As it burned with the power of the sun so it burned us. And with tears flowing we watched it take flight and leave us with nothing. The morning came and we said our goodby. Left with only a memory, the dream that would come from time to time….A smile for what once was………..RO

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