Little Walden #130

James Qualtrough
Feb 25 · 3 min read

Little Walden is a weekly newsletter from the team at 572 featuring weekly thoughts on forging better futures. Here we’ll share the links to content the team is reading, listening to and watching to inspire fellow creatives.

Our mission is to forge better futures. This goes for everything we do, as people, as a business, in work, at home, in the community, and for the planet. We’re collecting inspirational content to help us on our journey to show that creativity, responsibility, and sustainability can be part of a ‘successful’ future. We’ll be sharing content that lights our fire and inspires us to better futures. Hope it sparks some magic.

What to eat to live to 100

Healthy eating… where to start? Well, this looks like a pretty good place. I find recipe books, particularly healthy eating ones, hard to get into— this article by Andrew Merle somehow makes it all feel a little more accessible.

Around the World In One Breath [VIDEO]

If you follow freediver Guillaume Néry you’ll know he’s no stranger to sharing beautiful images and video from his underwater world. But this video. This is something else. The soundtrack alone is mesmerising. The man is a fish.

Time to stop pissing on the Children’s Fire

It’s time for action. And our children are showing us the way. It’s incredible that the adult world can’t handle what is happening currently. If we could all see our situation through a child's eye we’d have a very different perspective on what is important. Great article from dan burgess.

Changing Business focus — from time to output

When future generations look back at our working practices over the last 20–30 years I’m sure they’ll be shocked. 8 hours sat in front of a screen… How can that ever be productive? Here’s what we’re doing to try and change this as a team at 572.

Collaborating on a Creative Project? Tips for Making it Work

Collaboration is increasingly important in the creative space. Seeking out specialists and working with peers is the future, especially in a gig economy. This article has some great insight into making collaboration work.

Ford’s Lane-Changing Bed [VIDEO]

This is great — putting vehicle technology to how we sleep. Ford engineers have put their lane changing technology to use to stop bed hogging :-) Are you the victim or the culprit in your relationship?

Does Vertical Video Make a Difference?

If you’re producing content for social you’ll really want to give this article from Brian G. Peters at Buffer a read. Buffer articles are always well researched and this one is no different with a £6k ad budget assigned to test video performance in campaigns.

About 572 Digital

We’re a marketing agency and product studio committed to forging better futures. We work with a core client base on brand development and strategic marketing while providing niche software products and development to an international client base.

Our vision is to create a sustainable, net positive business that benefits our customers, staff, community and the planet. If you think like us, we’d love to work with you on creating something inspirational.

As a team, we are not afraid to challenge ourselves, or our clients, to constantly improve in all aspects of business. Through being a strong, pro-active partner, by crafting outstanding user experiences, by being committed to our purpose and through continually evaluating our impact, we will forge a better future.

Visit 572 Digital.

Little Walden

An Escape for Creatives

James Qualtrough

Written by

Founder at 572 Digital

Little Walden

An Escape for Creatives

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