Weekly Creative Inspiration -Issue #135

James Qualtrough
Apr 15 · 3 min read

Little Walden is a weekly newsletter from the team at 572 featuring weekly thoughts on forging better futures. Here we’ll share the links to content the team is reading, listening to and watching to inspire fellow creatives.

Our mission is to forge better futures. This goes for everything we do, as people, as a business, in work, at home, in the community, and for the planet. We’re collecting inspirational content to help us on our journey to show that creativity, responsibility, and sustainability can be part of a ‘successful’ future. We’ll be sharing content that lights our fire and inspires us to better futures. Hope it sparks some magic.

How Deep Listening Can Help You Be More Creative

I love this interview with Jessica Orkin who talks about the need for deep listening — an intentional quieting of the ego and the desire to apply past patterns or jump to solutions.

The Creator’s Dilemma: A Constant Pursuit for Less of the Same

Being creatively innovative is challenging when we’re bombarded with ‘new’ info and stimulus every day. Brian G. Peters article has so much relevance and is strongly linked to the deep listening article above.

Tree therapy: what we can learn from the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku

We shouldn’t ignore our instincts. I’ve never walked amongst trees, near the sea or water and felt disconnected. Time to forest bathe. Time to listen. Time to plant more trees.

What is biophilic design, and can it really make you happier and healthier?

Another connected this article. This takes the principles of our connection to nature one step further and it applies it to how we ‘design’ our lives. Great article from Katharine Schwab.

The 3 most effective ways to build trust as a leader

This is a really insightful piece from Claire Lew that takes data from 597 individuals to show unexpected leadership qualities. I say unexpected but then maybe they’re not. This is true leadership.

How to Enjoy Museums

I love museums anyway but having seen Nick Gray talk at the Do Lectures I’m not surprised that he’s converting non-museum lovers like Tynan. Well worth a read if you want to transform your next visit to a museum.

If you Want to Accomplish Big Goals, Make Little Bets

Small Wins. It’s a philosophy I’m trying to bake more into my life. The more I apply it or think about it the more it makes sense.

Focus as an Antidote for Wanting to Do Everything

We all need more Zen in our lives. This principle sounds simple but man could I have done with a bit more application of this in the last couple of weeks…

About 572 Digital

We’re a marketing agency and product studio committed to forging better futures. We work with a core client base on brand development and strategic marketing while providing niche software products and development to an international client base.

Our vision is to create a sustainable, net positive business that benefits our customers, staff, community and the planet. If you think like us, we’d love to work with you on creating something inspirational.

As a team, we are not afraid to challenge ourselves, or our clients, to constantly improve in all aspects of business. Through being a strong, pro-active partner, by crafting outstanding user experiences, by being committed to our purpose and through continually evaluating our impact, we will forge a better future.

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Little Walden

An Escape for Creatives

James Qualtrough

Written by

Founder at 572 Digital

Little Walden

An Escape for Creatives

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