Little Words
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Little Words


Photo by Courtney Hall on Unsplash

I was never good at building sandcastles.
You taught me that.

I believed once as a child
that anyone could do
if they believe and
really tried.

The boy in fifth-grade who
existed in a wheelchair and
social awkwardness
proved otherwise.

I wonder if his parents
ever let him
out of his chair
at the beach to build
and if so, did they look
like mine: cracked, misshapen,
or were they beautiful?

Because this,
this was the one thing
he thought he could do
and maybe even my ability
and his chair
wouldn’t hold him back.



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Eddie Becker

Eddie Becker

Writer published on sites such as Bleacher Report, Relevant Magazine, and The Good Men Project. | Top Writer in Music, also writing on Humor, Faith, Poetry, etc