It was a night in the desert.

There was a blanket between me and the sands and three other enveloping my body. Still I was shivering from the chill. Who would’ve thought; desert that burns you alive during the day would try to freeze you to death in the night.

It was hard to determine which would kill me first. Hypothermia from the cold air that hit me from the other hill, the weight of blanket that made me unable to breath, or probably the coyotes who would rip me apart. Wait, there are coyotes in the desert right?

I couldn’t take it anymore. So I decided to sit and stare at the sky. Orion belt was there, the first thing I caught with my eyes. The moon was dead that night, and parade of the stars ruled the night. I was completely enveloped by the darkness and cold air. Not far from me, on the top of the other dune, was a guy who was a year older than me. He told me that he was in search of himself. Well, I am in search of home.

Looking around, endless desert filled my eyes. Multitude of sands that swallows you alive. If the ocean chokes you to death with salted water filling your lungs, the desert knows better. It will lull you to sleep, whispering words of hope.

“Everything is going to be alright” it said.

“Hush hush. Just sleep. The oasis is just half day walk from here”. And before you realize it your mummified remains will be discovered by the nomad tribe who loot your dead body for a trinkets or two. Ah, the beautiful desert. Just as the ocean flirts with the sailor, the desert flirts with the dreamer who thinks that they will find their reason in the middle of sands. After all, Jesus exiled himself to the desert to confront the devils, no?

I returned my sight to the sky and stared blankly toward the galaxies. I felt so small. Insignificant. Worthless. I felt as if the whole existence tried to crush me to pulp. I felt so overwhelmed. Is it the desert? Is it the cosmos? Or is it just me?