More than just a meal.

ANNOUNCING Beta Charity Partner — Meals on Wheels

We are pleased to announce that Meals on Wheels will be one of the first beta charities to be featured on the Little Phil platform and contribute to the ongoing user experience design.

Our Charity Partners

Little Phil is proud to be partnered with a variety of progressive charities from across the globe that have the foresight to implement emergent technologies that will help them toward their goals of making the world 
a better place. As they have first hand experience with industry wide problems, they are pivotal in shaping the future of charitable giving by collaborating with us through our alpha and beta testing phases 
of the platform.

About Meals on Wheels

Established — 1986

Headquarters — New South Wales, Australia

Operational Regions — Tweed, New South Wales

Charity Scope — Elderly and Disability Welfare

Meals on Wheels is an iconic Australian Not for Profit organisation that has been bringing local communities together for more than 60 years. 15,000 volunteers deliver 2 million meals a year across Queensland, to more than 10,000 people who are unable to prepare a meal or shop for themselves with ease. These people may be in their senior years, recovering after hospitalisation, a major illness or surgery, a person with a disability, a carer, or needing assistance due to a special circumstance.

Independence is something we all value and Meals on Wheels believes that not being able to go to the shops for groceries or to cook regular meals should not be an obstacle to autonomy. As well as nutritional support, Meals on Wheels volunteers seek to provide important social contact and are able to monitor a client’s well-being, health and safety.

Meals on Wheels aims to offer much more than just a meal by providing a daily visit to monitor the health and well being of the clients, who may not see anyone else during the day. Delivering healthy meals to clients’ homes not only ensures their nutritional requirements are being met, but also provides regular social contact and a friendly check to see all is well. Every day a friendly smile, a chat about the weather, a nutritious meal and knowing someone will drop by to say hello, changes the lives of many Australians.

Little Phil has a Global Reach

Little Phil has strategically pinpointed amazing charities both locally and internationally to begin early testing. Having this global reach means we can comprehensively test and scale our platform to suit different types of charities among a variety of cultures, whether they’re a small charity helping the local community or international non-profit with multiple projects on the go

Who is Little Phil?

Little Phil is a small team using blockchain technology to radically transform the giving experience. People can better connect emotionally with causes that resonate with them, see exactly where their money is going & ultimately experience and share the rewarding pleasure of giving.

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