Little Phil iOS App Release V1.0 — Soft Launch… What to expect.

The time has finally come! A huge thank-you to all of our amazing team, advisors, community, investors and charity partners for your continued support and patience.

This article will outline what to expect from the V1.0 and where to from here.

If you haven’t already, please download the app here (Aus only)

Note: to get the full experience of Little Phil you will need to give to a cause you care about…

What platforms can download the App: iOS (Apple iPhone).

Why start with iPhone and when is Little Phil available on Android and Web: User Experience and Target Market Penetration. Little Phil is all about the user experience(UX), and as such we wanted to develop natively to provide the best UX possible. No cross-platform web wrapper code, just a beautifully designed and developed native platform that keeps our donors engaged.

Research shows that our initial target market sways heavily to iPhone users and as such we made the decision to develop natively on iOS first, test, refine and follow with the release of web and Android in the near future. (don’t worry we still love you Android users 💛)

What can I do in the Little Phil V1.0?

  1. Download, register your account
  2. Filter through causes, read about a campaign, give and get a Little Phil Good Moment
  3. Share this with your friends to increase your impact
  4. Receive updates on the campaign directly to “My Impact” and be a part of the future of giving✊

Why do I need to set up an account? So that we can help keep you up to date with the progress of the campaigns you care about and give you the chance to see your impact!… it’s also a nice way that we can help keep all of your tax deductable receipts in the one place come tax time 🤓

Can I see where my money is going? The “My Impact” tab will host all of the campaigns that you have given to and provide you with campaign updates so that you can better see and understand where your money is being spent. The V1.0 will include text updates, however the My Impact will undergo continual development as we implement our blockchain solutions in the near future… make sure you always update when a new release comes out or you may miss out!

Does the V1.0 include the blockchain solutions? No. Unfortunately after rigorous testing of our solutions on the Ethereum network, we determined that the cost and reliability for processing large volumes of donations is not ready for enterprise...yet. We have been in talks with multiple other protocols to explore our options and will update the community on our decision once due diligence is complete. Who knows, Casper may be released soon and we can put to use the code we have already spent many hours developing into use!🤞

How can I help make Little Phil better?

You may not think so, but you are actually making an impact every time you share!
  1. Share share share — share the app link, share your experience, share the campaigns that you care about. Sharing helps increase awareness and provides access to new donors without the large costs of marketing. This means more money ends up reaching the cause and increases your impact!
  2. Feedback — This is the time we want to hear from you! What do you love? What do you loath? or what do you think we can do better? We might send you a link to a couple of questions after you give so that we can make sure that you enjoyed the experience. The 2.35 minutes that it takes could help shape the Little Phil platform and create a better experience for everyone, so please help us out 🙌
  3. Change the way you give, and tell your friends — everyone has heard the old excuse that “ I don’t give to charity because I don’t trust them”. Well thats exactly the kind of thing Little Phil is trying to fix. By increasing the transparency and giving charities a cost effective solution to provide updates (post-cards are so 1995), we can change this experience and help bring that good feeling back to giving.
  4. Rate the App 5 stars — if you like it rate it! if not tell us why when we send you the survey so we can work to make it better for everyone 👨🏽‍💻

Little Phil has a Global Reach

Little Phil has strategically pinpointed amazing charities both locally and internationally to begin early testing. Having this global reach means we can comprehensively test and scale our platform to suit different types of charities among a variety of cultures, whether they’re a small charity helping the local community or international non-profit with multiple projects on the go

Who is Little Phil?

Little Phil is a small team using blockchain technology to radically transform the giving experience. People can better connect emotionally with causes that resonate with them, see exactly where their money is going & ultimately experience and share the rewarding pleasure of giving.

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