5 Steps of IxD for Beginners

In this story, you will find explanation of interaction design process and products that we use during process. For ex. let’s talk about a social media project and assume research team completed and share their insights about the product. Now, we are ready to solve problems defined by them.

#1 Define Functions and Sitemap

Before you start designing a page, you need to collect all information and data from research team and tools like analytics. Now you have to document all of your data to track with your team. We use “Trello” and think it is the most suitable product to control your process.

To create meaningful content hierarchy, you need to have knowledge about information architecture (IA). You can get enough information from O’REILLY book “Information Architecture: For the Web and Beyond”.


#2 Create Flows

After you create sitemap in trello, you need to figure out how many flows (checkout, register etc.) exist in your product. You will also track them on trello but you must prepare flow diagram to lead you during design process. We use draw.io to create our diagrams because it is online, free and really easy to use.


#3 Open Sketch File

Open an artboard and design your first page. If you don’t know how to use sketch app, you can learn everything in one day by video tutorials. Be careful about giving names to layers and artboards because you will share your documents with UI designers and developers at the end.


#4 Create Prototype

Prototype is the best way to find gaps in design. Always create prototypes to share ideas with stakeholders. Most of the time stakeholders can’t decide or understand relation between pages until they test it as final products. Prototype is our essential element in design process. We prefer to use invision because it is online and easy to share with other third parties but it is little bit expensive.


#5 Test Your Idea

Now, you need to validate your ideas with your potential customers. You just need 5 persons to find most of your problems. JAKOB NIELSEN explains why five is enough. If you don’t have users around you, you can use user testing tool to find best personas and test your prototypes.

User Testing

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